Adding a Sub-Reseller

For any Sub-Reseller to be operational under your Reseller Account, you would have to first get the Sub-Reseller to sign-up under you. You can either have Sub-Resellers sign-up themselves from your PartnerSite or you can even explicitly Add Sub-Resellers under your Reseller Account.

A Sub-Reseller can be signed up through one of the below options:

  • Your Sub-Reseller visits your PartnerSite, clicks the Sign up Now link and fills the form.

  • You can also sign-up on behalf of your Sub-Reseller from your within your Reseller Control Panel through the Sub-Resellers -> Add menu.


    You will encounter the below error message while adding a Sub-Reseller from within your Reseller Control Panel, if the Username (Email Address) specified is already being used for another Sub-Reseller under you -

    <username> is already a Reseller. Please provide a different Email Address.

    You will have to use another Username (Email Address) under such a circumstance.

    • The Sign-up form supports accented characters, except for the Phone Number, Mobile Number, Fax Number, Username (Email Address) and Password fields.

    • Care must be taken to mention the correct Legal Name (Company/Name) and choose the correct Country at the time of sign-up. Once signed up, your Sub-Reseller will not be able to modify the Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or Country from within his/her Reseller Control Panel.

      You may, however, modify the Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or Country of your Sub-Reseller on his/her behalf from within your Reseller Control Panel. It is advised that you make such modification(s) after due diligence:

      1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

      2. Search for the Sub-Reseller and proceed to the Sub-Reseller Details view. See details

      3. Click the Modify button in the management console.

      4. Mention the appropriate Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or choose the appropriate Country and click the Modify button.