Steps to Modify PHP version on VPS from WHM Panel

Depending on the requirements of the software that you run on your VPS servers, you may require to modify the PHP version for the application to run. Follow the steps below to modify the PHP version on your VPS servers from the WHM panel.

Step 1: Log in to WHM panel.

Step 2: Navigate to Multi PHP Manager.

Search for PHP in the search bar and under Software section, click MultiPHP Manager.Multi PHP manager

Step 3: Modify PHP Version.

i. System PHP Version.

  1. Under the System PHP version section, click Edit.Steps to Modify PHP from WHM Panel

  2. Select the PHP version from the drop-down. Select PHP version

  3. Click Apply. 


All domains which have their PHP values set to inherit will use the PHP version set under this section. 

ii. Set PHP Version per Domain

You can also set the PHP version for an individual domain in your VPS hosting package. 

  1. Under the Set PHP Version per Domain section, search for the domain name for which you want to modify the PHP version. 

  2. Select the checkbox corresponding to the domain name. You can modify the PHP version for multiple domains by selecting them. Select the domain

  3. From the PHP Version drop-down select the version and click Apply. Steps to Domain-wise Modify PHP from the WHM Panel

  4. You can select inherit if you want to use the default System PHP version.