Old SuperSite Deprecation

Over the past few months, signrOots Technologies LLP has performed extensive system-wide upgrades to optimize its platform and enhance your business experience with us. As a part of these system upgrades, signrOots Technologies LLP will soon be phasing out products and services that are approaching the end of their lifecycle.

The old SuperSite will be deprecated as of 15th November, 2014. As a prelude to this deprecation, signrOots Technologies LLP stopped releasing new products and feature enhancements on the old SuperSite for over a year. A new and improved version, known as SuperSite 2, was introduced on 13th June, 2012 and all new products / features are being made available on this version only.

This article explains how you will be impacted due to the deprecation and the process of setting up your SuperSite 2.

Impact on Resellers using the old SuperSite

  • If you are using the old SuperSite, all your traffic will be automatically redirected to SuperSite 2 after the deprecation.

  • Your business logo as well as any product plans settings will be ported to SuperSite 2.

  • Any other customizations on your old SuperSite need to be replicated manually on your SuperSite 2 before the deprecation. Your old SuperSite files will be made available in the SuperSite 2 Admin Area for a short period of time, from where you can retrieve them, if required, after the deprecation.

  • Just like the old SuperSite, SuperSite 2 is fully customizable. You can easily alter the HTML and CSS to make it match your brand.

    Additional Information

    SuperSite 2 Customization

  • Also, you can use your own domain name and brand your SuperSite 2 URL with your company name.

    Additional Information

    Branding SuperSite 2 URL

About SuperSite 2

SuperSite 2 is designed to be a powerful storefront built with the latest design and UX trends. Important features of SuperSite 2 are:

  • A completely new look and feel with minimalistic & sophisticated design

  • An easy 3 step check-out process that makes it easier for your Customers to buy

  • Fast load times with quick check availability & search functions

  • A new upselling module that upsells relevant products to a Customer during check-out

  • Customizable landing page URLs, fat footer and keyword-rich content make SuperSite 2 more SEO friendly

  • Redesigned product pages with highlighted plans, comprehensive feature lists and FAQs

  • An improved Customer Sign-Up process with fewer fields and instant validation

  • Javascript based menu replaced with a new fat menu completely written in HTML and CSS for easier editing

  • Availability of different Language Packs

  • A fast AJAX based domain check availability feature

  • Multiple layouts to suit every business model

  • Automatic detection of visitor’s IP for displaying prices in local currency

  • Ability to offer coupons to your Customers via the Coupon Engine